Key Factors to Consider When Installing A Lift in The Workplace

Key Factors to Consider When Installing A Lift in The Workplace

Installing a lift in the workplace has become the standard for most companies & office buildings in this modern era. If your company hasn't installed it yet, maybe now is the right time for you to seriously consider installing an elevator in your company

Here are some things to consider when installing a lift in your workplace


Workplaces that require staff to work in an office must prioritize ease of accessibility. In addition to providing a sense of security and comfort for staff, the existence of an elevator can also support the quality of staff performance.

Besides being useful for staff, the existence of an elevator is also beneficial for visitors to your office. With the presence of an elevator, a positive impression about your office will come to the minds of visitors.

The thing that you really want, right? Got a positive impression from staff and visitors because it facilitates accessibility and provides comfort for them?


This is perhaps the most important factor when choosing a lift for your company. An important factor to consider here is the quality of the lift and its safety features. Elevator safety from Skelevatoria has been certified by the most respected bodies in Europe and has the CE mark. Thanks to this certification, you can be sure that our lifts are made of the highest quality goods and equipped with a strong and sturdy frame so that they are safe and can last a long time. Our lifts are specially designed with safety and usage in mind.

In terms of safety features, some of our lifts are equipped with a button to prevent accidents. These include a call button, a button to close the door and a button to launch the platform. All lifts from Skelevatoria are equipped with an emergency and alarm system. We at Skelevatoria place great importance on safety & quality, so you can rest easy when you buy one of our public lifts.

Not only do we have buttons for increased safety, our lifts have also been designed to prevent accidents from happening.


The environment in which your elevator will be installed also needs to be reviewed in advance to make it easier to choose the elevator design, method and location of installation to suit your company's needs. Aspects such as how many floors to how much load to bear will all be factors that must be considered when choosing the right lift. Lifts from Skelevatoria move almost silently so they don't make any noise. Interesting right?

It is important to calculate how much capacity the lift will need to bear each day. Make sure to consider the function of the building, the number of employees present, how they are mobility throughout the building & the number of floors.

So, what lift is best suited to install in your company?

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